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QS Leadership Scholarship: 2017 Winner

QS Leadership Scholarship: 2017 Winner main image

We're pleased to announce that this year's QS Leadership Scholarship has been awarded to Afghan student Neelofar Rahimi. The $10,000 scholarship is awarded to outstanding candidates who have demonstrated strong leadership skills.

Neelofar is currently studying at Norasonde Adult Learning Center for Norwegian Language in Norway, where she lives with her parents and four siblings, and plans to study a master’s in International Business at Hult International Business School in the US.

Neelofar’s extraordinary life story makes her an extremely fitting recipient of this particular scholarship. Born in a country where education for women is a challenge due to religious, cultural and governmental issues, Neelofar has overcome a series of obstacles, from being shot to experiencing depression and losing her big brother, and speaks of her determination to positively impact the lives of other women through her own work ethic. Fittingly, her thesis is on Women Empowerment and Employment.

Neelofar learned of this scholarship after attending the QS World Grad School Tour in Oslo. She says: “I believe this scholarship was one that gave everyone a chance despite their nationality or race. Having been rejected elsewhere many times for these reasons, I appreciated the chance QS Scholarships was willing to give me and this scholarship will have a significant impact on my ability to continue my graduate degree. By lightening the financial burden, this scholarship enables me to shift my focus toward making progress in my studies.”

After finishing her studies in the US, Neelofar hopes to continue working to empower women around the world through business, entrepreneurship and employment.

Advice for other applicants

“Take your time searching for scholarships and read carefully through the requirements for each one. When writing application essays, be true to who you are as what you write should reflect your personality. Nothing comes easy, so make the effort to have someone experienced check your essays before you submit them. It will definitely pay off in the end!”

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Hello.I want to study High Diploma or Master by scholarship in Canada at a chemical engineering ,but I dont know that How to start it.Please guide me. thank you in advance




Hi Raymond, I don't know of any particular scholarships for studying philosophy, but you could browse our range of scholarship listings for various study destinations, and/or check our list of scholarships for African students. Best of luck with your search! 

Excuse me, I have a question for you.I m from Azerbaijan and I would like to apply for master degree at university of Bologna,in Italy.how can I apply? Can you please explain how to do? Thanks in advance.

Hi Javad, you can read general advice on studying in Italy in our guide, and the University of Bologna's official website should explain the exact application procedure for the university. 

hi craig how to get a full scholarship? my dream was to study abroad but i can’t because my family are in the lower class idon’t any business .help me thank you

Hello, you can browse from our main page listing a wide range of scholarships to study abroad here, and can read about how to get a scholarship in our guide. Hope this helps!

hello. I want to study abroad particular Australia or Canada I am from Tanzania please kindly help me to get scholarship for PhD. HAVE A DREAM BUT IT BECOME VERY HARD TO PERSUE DUE TO OUR ECONOMIC STATUS

Hi Jackson, if you'd like to apply for the 2018 round of the Leadership Scholarship, you can view all the details here. We also have lists external scholarships to study in Australia and Canada, and scholarships for African students

Hello.I want to study road and transportation PhD by scholarship in Australia,but I dont know that How to start it.Please guide me.

how to get a full scholarship? my dream was to study abroad but i cant because my family are ni

Hi Roxanne, our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad should help. 

How to get a Scholarship?

She has such a beautiful story and an inspiration to so many young people that are under similar or related circumstances. Thank you for sharing the story!

I m very intrest in this shlolarship to go and pursuit my first degree course sir ready i scure my di

I just wish to ask-do I need to come from some war destroyed country where women don't have same rights as men to reactive scholarship!?Coz except my very big wish to learn for my PHD from history and my really very big desire to explore new knowledge-I don't have anything else!

Do you get scholarship coz you came from war destroying countries and countries where women don't have same rights like men or main reasons for scholarships are your desire for more and better education,for explore more and new things in science,desire to explore science...I just want to know from start?Do I have chance to get scholarship for my PHD from history if I am man from democratic European country where women jave equal rights like men.Coz I wish to learn more about subject from history(Nazism and German state from 1933 till 1945)but I don't have anything except my biggest wish and love for history!

Hi Aleksandar, no, that's not a requirement for this scholarship. You can read about the requirements to apply for the QS Leadership Scholarship 2018 here.

Ms. Neelofar Rahimi I am glad to hear that an Afghan girl did the best. and I am also an afghan student graduated from afghan turk school but I don't know how to apply. If you don't mind please help me reach my dreams. I am really waiting for a reply
Nabil Ahmad

always i ask my self : scholarship=luck ? i mean to win in a scholarship i should be lucky ?>_<


that is great