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Visas for Indian Students: Country-by-Country Guides

Visas for Indian Students: Country-by-Country Guides main image

If you're an Indian student preparing to study abroad, get all your visa questions answered with these country-by-country guides.

When it comes to studying abroad, Indian students are pioneers. Until recently, no country sent more students abroad.

Though China may now have crept into first place, India is still a strong second in this regard, with nearly 270,000 studying abroad at last count – a number that can only have gone up since.

Perhaps you're thinking of joining them?

However, studying abroad is no cakewalk. As well as getting into a university in the first place, one of the most challenging aspects is getting a visa – and not just in terms of meeting all the requirements, but also in terms of finding out what these requirements are.

When should you apply? Where should you apply? Who can I ask questions? There’s loads of information out there, but finding out what's relevant to you can sometimes be as complex a process as applying itself.

But fear not, Indian students, we’ve put together a set of visa guides for some of the most popular study destinations out there.

These will tell you where you need to apply, if your visa will allow you to work, if you can bring your family with you, and more!

Simply click on the name of the country in which you’re thinking of studying, and all your questions will be answered. And if you need more help, why not see if other students can help in our student community?

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Visas for the UK >

Visas for the US >

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I have completed my b.com and MBA intourism and is looking for a better exposure .
Which country is best for me ...

hi i had 45 backlog during my engineering which europe country better for me for hospitlity managment

You are not good enough to go to an overseas destination. That said, the only option i can suggest is Czech Republic.

This should be of great help for Indian students

am a tanzanian i want to a visa to study
in india..how can i get the visa? please

I am an Indian _ like to know what makes you interested in India?

Hi Daniel, official information on getting a student visa to study in India can be found here. Good luck! Laura