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NYU Offers Free Tuition for all Medical Students main image
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University News
20 Aug 2018

New York University (NYU) is becoming the first US university to cover the costs of tuition fees for medical students, regardless of merit or need. Find out more.

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What Does Brexit Mean for Students? main image

In the wake of the UK referendum on EU membership, what will Brexit mean for students – both domestic and international?

Beyoncé Offering US Scholarships Worth $100,000 main image

Music icon Beyoncé is offering scholarships worth thousands of dollars to students attending Historically Black Colleges – find out more.

Over One-Third of US Students Don’t Have Enough to Eat main image

A study has found that 36 percent of university students frequently lack adequate food and housing.

UK Students to Save Over £300 a Year on Loan Repayments main image

UK students can now earn more before repaying student loans as the threshold rises. Find out what else this means for you.

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Learn all about the top universities in Latin America, Asia, Emerging Europe & Central Asia, and the Arab region.