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Welcome to the Adler Graduate Professional School. We are very pleased to be able to offer you a Master of Psychology degree program. This degree is designed to prepare students to offer psychological services in counselling or clinical settings. As a professional degree, it is more focused on practice than you will find in typical university research- and theory-driven programs. The courses are structured to meet the College of Psychology’s educational requirements for membership as a Psychological Associate. We are a small school and are able to pay extra attention to our students’ individual needs and their professional development. Our faculty members are all practicing clinicians who bring to the classroom their real world and current knowledge of the profession. Classes are small and taught on weekends and evenings allowing students to work while they study. The Transitional Diploma allows students from a non-traditional background to bridge the gap between their undergrad degree and the requirements for the Master of Psychology degree. The program is designed around the needs of each individual student so you can work at your own pace

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