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Algebra University College

Based on the trends recognized in employment of IT qualified professionals through the analysis of employers’ needs and based on analyzed characteristics of the labor market in Croatia, the project of establishing Algebra University College was launched in 2006.

The goal of the founders was to create a top quality professional higher education institution that was, along with its program, staff and teaching material, ready to meet the demands of employers and the labor market. The University College is a part of the Algebra education group, the founding institution which has been operating on the Croatian market for more than 16 years and has remained the leading educational centre in the region for computing and information technology.

Today, the University College carries out four undergraduate professional programmes and five graduate professional programmes:


  • Software engineering
  • System engineering
  • Multimedia computing
  • Digital marketing


  •  Software engineering
  • System engineering
  • Multimedia computing
  • Digital marketing
  • e-Leadership MBA
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