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Atılım Üniversitesi

Kizilcasar M. Incek Ankara,
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Postgraduate Overview

OFFERED MASTER PROGRAMMES                                                        LANGUAGE

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences                     English / Turkish

Applied Chemistry                                                                                          English

Applied Physics                                                                                               English

Civil Engineering                                                                                             English

Computer Engineering                                                                                  English

Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                                        English

Industrial Engineering                                                                                   English

Information Technology                                                                                English

Manufacturing Engineering                                                                          English

Mathematics                                                                                                   English

Mechatronics Engineering                                                                            English

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering                                                    English

Software Engineering                                                                                     English

Tunneling and Underground Structures                                                    Turkish

Graduate School of Social Sciences                                                  English / Turkish

Applied Economics                                                                                          Turkish

MBA                                                                                                                    English

MBA                                                                                                                    Turkish

MBA Online                                                                                                       English

MBA Online                                                                                                       Turkish

English Literature and Culture                                                                        English

European Union                                                                                                Turkish

Finance Turkish Health Care Management                                                  Turkish

International Relations                                                                                     English

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design                                        Turkish

Public Administration and Political Science                                                  Turkish

Public Law LLM                                                                                                  Turkish

Tourism and Hotel Management                                                                   Turkish

Translation Studies                                                                                            English + Turkish 

OFFERED PHD PROGRAMMES                                                                     LANGUAGE

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences                            English / Turkish

Architecture Turkish Chemistry                                                                        English

Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                                             English

Mechanical Engineering                                                                                     English

Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems                                               English

Software Engineering                                                                                         English

Graduate School of Social Sciences                                                        English / Turkish

Business Administration                                                                                     Turkish

Business Administration                                                                                      English

English Literature and Culture                                                                            English

Political Economy                                                                                                  Turkish

Political Science and Public Administration                                                      Turkish

Private Law                                                                                                             Turkish

Postgraduate courses with their subjects are stated in the link which are below for prospective students at Atılım University.



The usual postgraduate entry requirements are stated in the link’s tab which are below for prospective students at Atılım University.



OFFERED MASTER PROGRAMMES                                                            TUITION FEES (Package)

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences    

Applied Chemistry                                                                                                8.600 $

Applied Physics                                                                                                     8.600 $

Civil Engineering                                                                                                   8.000 $

Computer Engineering                                                                                        8.000 $

Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                                              8.000 $

Industrial Engineering                                                                                         8.000 $

Information Technology                                                                                     8.000 $

Manufacturing Engineering                                                                               8.000 $

Mathematics                                                                                                        8.000 $

Mechatronics Engineering                                                                                 8.000 $

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering                                                         8.000 $

Software Engineering                                                                                         8.000 $

Tunneling and Underground Structures                                                         8.000 $

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Applied Economics                                                                                             6.500 $

Business Administration                                                                                   6.500 $

MBA                                                                                                                      6.500 $

MBA Online                                                                                                          6.500 $

English Literature and Culture                                                                          6.500 $

European Union                                                                                                  6.500 $

Finance                                                                                                                  6.500 $

Health Care Management                                                                                  6.500 $

International Relations                                                                                        6.500 $

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design                                            6.500 $

Public Administration and Political Science                                                     6.500 $

Public Law                                                                                                              6.500 $

Tourism and Hotel Management                                                                      6.500 $

Translation Studies                                                                                              6.500 $

OFFERED PHD PROGRAMMES                                                                    TUITION FEES (Package)

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Architecture                                                                                                          16.200 $

Chemistry                                                                                                              21.600 $

Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                                              21.600 $

Mechanical Engineering                                                                                      21.600 $

Modeling and Design of Engineering Systems                                                21.600 $

Software Engineering                                                                                          21.600 $

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Business Administration                                                                                    20.000 $

English Literature and Culture                                                                          20.000 $

Political Economy                                                                                                20.000 $

Political Science and Public Administration                                                    20.000 $

Private Law                                                                                                           20.000 $ 

*Tuition fees for graduate programs are covering full education period except English preparatory education and deficient courses are requested by the departments.   **Package is valid 3 semesters for without thesis programs,

                                   4 semesters for with thesis programs

                                   8 semesters for Ph.D. programs. 

The average tuition fees for international students at undergraduate level are indicated in the link’s tab which are below for prospective students at Atılım University.



Scholarships are based on merit so students can get partial or full scholarship according to the documents or scores submitted to Atilim University.

Applicants are easily able to send their application through email to [email protected] which is official email address of international center. International Relations Directorate is responsible from taking and submitting applications to related departments and committees.

University Highlights

Total students - 6,846


International students - 441


Total faculty staff - 498


Total students - 6,846


International students - 441


Total faculty staff - 498

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English language requirements

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