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Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

The Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction is located in the capital of Azerbaijan in a city of Baku. Having a total area in 4900 м2, the university includes 5 educational cases and campus. Here many departments are equipped with the modern equipment, computers, and also educational and research laboratories function. Today in the university campus, consisting of 5 five-storeyed and one 9 storeyed cases as hostels are used one 5 storeyed case for men "Damla", functioning on commerce basis where students along with preparation for the lessons can spend free time fruitfully and 9 storeyed case which is on the budget of University. In other cases of campus since 1990 the refugees from occupied territories of Azerbaijan are placed. Teaching laboratories: In 2001 the educational laboratory by a part "Information systems" was formed. In 2006 the laboratory of "Construction materials of scientific researches and tests which covers the area in 70 m2. On the basis of department "Chemistry" on the area of 270 m2 laboratories function: organic, physical, general and educational laboratory of water chemistry. Laboratory 'Resistance of materials" covers the area 70 m2 and consists of 2 rooms. 2004- the educational laboratory of systems of power management was...
EECA University Rankings
  • 47.9
    Academic Reputation
  • 11.4
    Employer Reputation
  • 26.4
    Faculty Student
  • 26.5
    Faculty Staff with PhD
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