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Benha University - Egypt


The mission of Benha University (BU) is to provide outstanding postgraduate students for different worldwide sectors. BU has 15 faculties; all of them have postgraduate study programs. The total numbers of postgraduate programs are 377 with a total of 26460 postgraduate students enrolled, where 16660 students are registered at Diploma Programs, 8395 student at Master programs and 2405 at the Doctoral programs.

BU has 7 centers for scientific research excellence with well-equipped facilities matching the international standards where students from all over the world can produce and publish their scientific research in well impacted Journals. An International Student Office was recently established at BU to guide the international students during pursuing their degrees. 

BU had a huge library that encompasses the contemporary books and periodicals. In addition, students have free access to the digital library where all the international databases are available within the campus. Moreover, internationally recognized staff members are now greatly involved in scientific collaboration with reputed universities in different countries including USA, Japan, China and Germany.

BU encourages all kinds of students exchange programs in different scientific fields including Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Science, Technology, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, and Human Sciences

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