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University of Central England Business School

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United Kingdom


The University of Central England Business School is a major centre for business and management education. It has a strong regional base and a national and international perspective. With over 3,000 students studying on full- and part-time courses, it is one of the largest business schools in the UK. The Business School offers a comprehensive portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate, post-experience and professional qualifications in all the main areas of business and management. The research, consultancy and training opportunities which have resulted from such collaborative links with industry form an essential part of staff development and provide evidence of our entrepreneurial and innovative approach. The wealth of specialist expertise available in the main disciplines is complemented by a caring environment and by modern, well-equipped, teaching facilities. Staff and students are supported by a well-resourced Learning and IT Support Centre, and by IT rooms equipped with the latest microcomputers. The Business School is committed to continuous improvement in the quality of its teaching programmes and student care. The quality of teaching is monitored annually and all our courses are subject to review and re-validation every five years. UCE Business School are expanding their placement activity as this is the first year postgraduate...

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