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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Brown University

Brown University, Providence, United States
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  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 24 months

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The undergraduate program in mathematics at Brown is designed to present students with challenging courses that will train them for any future they desire be it in the economy, in government, or in academe. We are also quite flexible in placing students, our goal being to discover a students level of competence and then offering a stimulating course. For first year students we have courses at many different levels starting at precalculus for those whose backgrounds in high school math are a bit weak and going on to the possibility of starting at advanced undergraduate courses for exceptionally well qualified and ambitious students. We offer a basic three semester calculus sequence together with a course in linear algebra as a service to the rest of the university as well as preparation for a math major. We have a two semester Advanced Placement calculus sequence for those who have had a solid calculus in secondary school. Finally there is an Honors Calculus and Honors Linear Algebra sequence for those who have excelled in secondary school calculus . Also we have a one semester calculus course for students interested in the social sciences. For those who wish to continue math at Brown but not in the traditional calculus sequence, we offer a course on the nature of mathematical reasoning and also a course in elementary number theory, With this array of introductory courses, which at first might seem a bit confusing, we are able to find for each first year student who wishes to start mathematics at Brown a course that is just about right. Standard Program for the Sc.B. Degree Prerequisites: same as for the A.B. degree. Program: (1) Mathematics 1130/1140; (2) Mathematics 1530 and either 1540 or 1560; (3) four other 1000- or 2000-level Mathematics; (4) four courses in science, economics, or applied mathematics approved by the concentration advisor. Honors: Honors degrees may be recommended for students who have exhibited high achievement in mathematics. Candidates must complete at least eight mathematics courses of the 1000- or 2000-level with sufficiently good grades, and must write an honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member. The honors thesis is usually written while the candidate is enrolled in Mathematics 1970. The candidate should consult with the concentration advisor for precise grade requirements.