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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Undergraduate studies are organized in the fundamental field of Economics and Administrative Sciences in the following fields of Bachelor’s study programmes: Business Administration; Economic Cybernetics and Statistics; Accounting; Economics; International Business and Economics; Finance; Management; Marketing and Administrative Sciences, which can be studied in one or more accredited study programmes. Bachelor’s study programmes are designed both for full-time and distance learning. The period for the Bachelor’s degree cycle is of three years (180 transferable credit points). There are four Bachelor’s study programmes offered in foreign languages (in English, French and German), plus other six starting with the academic year 2013-2014. By attending the BUES Bachelor's programs, students will master the methods, techniques and tools that will enable them to manage an organization and solve both internal and external issues that may arise. The BUES's graduates acquire skills in business management, business communication, marketing research, strategic marketing planning, marketing programs, accounting, internal audit and control, risk analysis and assessment, management information systems, public policies, public relations, public finances, banking, insurance or the stock exchange, as well as in negotiating and performing international transactions and payments, international economic diplomacy, economic and financial analysis, mathematical and economic modeling, statistics, and economic informatics....

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