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Buryat State University

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Buryat State University is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Siberia. It was founded in 1932 as Buryat State Teacher Training Insitute named after D. Banzarov. In 1995 Buryat State University was established on the basis of the Institute and the Buryat Branch of Novosibirsk State University (a respective order by the Russian President was issued on September 30, 1995 and a decree by the government of the RF - on November 2, 1995). Today Buryat State University is a system-building educational establishment, training specialists for all kinds of organizations operating in the fields of education, science, management, economy, healthcare, social welfare and so on. One of BSU’s key principles is implementation of the continuous training system for academic, research and teaching staff: from secondary schools and colleges to university education, post-graduate studies and the doctorate (fellowship for the Doctor’s degree). The university now comprises 12 faculties - of Biology and Geography, Physics and Engineering, Chemistry, Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, Social Studies and Psychology, Philology, History, Foreign Languages, Medicine, Economics and Management, Law, Oriental Studies; besides.

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