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CALDO Consoritum

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CALDO is a consortium of leading Canadian research universities committed to international education and student mobility. We are a research powerhouse in Canada, with 160 research centres, 85 institutes, and 6,000 internationally recognized professors who hold more than 500 of Canada’s research chairs. Applying through CALDO gives you access to the combined offerings of top research universities —hundreds of programs at the undergraduate and graduate level delivered through faculties at each university. International students are eligible to pursue any of the following at a CALDO institution: A complete doctoral degree program, lasting up to 4 years Postdoctoral research of 6-18 months’ duration Exact admission requirements vary by program and university; however applicants should meet CALDO’s general minimum admission requirements. To apply to complete an entire doctoral program, students must hold either a strictu sensu master’s degree from their home country university or other qualification making them eligible to begin a doctoral program. Those interested in postdoctoral research at a CALDO university should have completed their PhD in their home country at the time of application.

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