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Charles Darwin University - School of Business



At Charles Darwin University we offer a structure suited to your individual needs from VET courses through to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs. These options allow you to start your studies at certificate or undergraduate level. Once you gain work experience, you could graduate with a doctorate. The business programs, coupled with high educational standards and close working relationships with relevant professional bodies, enable you to develop the personal and professional skills required to cope with social, professional and technological change in the business world. Our mission is to develop talented individuals for organisations and society at large empowering them to contribute to creating a sustainable future. We enable this by creating innovative interaction settings combining state-of-the-art knowledge, high-quality expertise and personal experience. We are firmly rooted in our region, but we operate on a global scale. Our key values that drive our mission are thriving for excellence, the fostering of personal challenge, responsibility and integrity, an open mind, curiosity and a sense of idealism to make a difference in the world.

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