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Chungnam National University


Chungnam National University, which will witness the 53rd anniversary of its foundation in May 2005, is considered as the best institution of higher learning in the central Korea. With its educational philosophy of creativeness, development, and service, Chungnam National University tries its best in various academic fields to become one of the top 100 universities in the world. Chungnam National University has played a leading role in the national mission of educating the talented youth and participating in the development of the local community. It provides its students with the curricula that will train them as a new kind of intellectuals and prepare them for the tasks of the 21st century. Chungnam National University has great geographical advantages as it is close to the Daedeok Research & Development Special Zone, the Daedeok Technology Valley, the Daejeon Government Complex, as well as to the headquarters of three branches of the armed forces. Moreover, a new administrative city of the central government will be constructed in the adjacent area in the coming years. This new environment will present a new opportunity for CNU to develop itself to become a leading university in Korea. As a university can strengthen its capability through the...

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