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  • Degree Other
  • Study Level Bachelors
  • Duration 48 months
  • Start date Jan-2000
Primary Education is a compulsory educational stage, which takes place between six and twelve years of age, structured in three cycles. The purpose of this stage is to contribute to the personal and social development of children through the teaching-learning processes in areas of artistic, scientific, ethical, linguistic, mathematical, motor and technological content, as well as through the appropriate action of tutorials . To effectively develop the educational processes of the different areas of this stage, teachers must acquire theoretical and practical training in accordance with the objectives set forth in the laws that regulate their functions.

About University

Universidad Complutense de Madrid was founded in 1293 and has grown to become the biggest university in Spain, with 90 degrees, more than 170 oficial masters and more than 170 postgraduate programs. All the careers are instructed in Spanish, but there are several careers that offer a group instructed in english.

Based in the heart of the Spanish capital, UCM benefits from excellent transport links, lower living costs for students and an incredible arts scene and nightlife. Madrid, which came in joint 32st place in the QS Best Student Cities 2019, is generally considered to be very safe with lower levels of pollution than other European capitals.

UCM has a very diverse student body, with 80 nationalities represented on campus, thanks in part to agreements with universities abroad and the Erasmus scheme. To cater to its international community, UCM’s International Welcome Center provides information on a number of topics such as the admissions procedure, securing accommodation or even working in Spain. International students also have access to Spanish lessons at the Centro Complutense de Español.

 UCM offers a wide range of student services, including a virtual campus, an office of disability services, on-campus housing, a career team, school insurance, lessons of more than 30, access to outstanding sport facilities and student activities such as theater groups, student associations, cultural events and competitions.

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