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Conservatoire de Musique et d'Art Dramatique du Québec

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It is 1942, wartime. Québec is experiencing a period of openness at the political level, and the new premier, Adélard Godbout, a forerunner of the Quiet Revolution, adopts several progressive measures, including one that consists of accepting the proposal by renowned pianist and conductor Wilfrid Pelletier to create a conservatory here, like the ones in Paris, Brussels, and Bologna. This artist of humble origins had earned an exceptional reputation in the United States as one of the most illustrious artists of his time. He was a natural teacher and a passionate proponent of the talented musicians of his native Québec. Perceiving a lack of experienced musicians, he decided to use his influence to promote the creation of a conservatory, supported in his efforts by colleagues who were similarly convinced of the need. Thanks to their insistent efforts, and to the willingless of Adélard Godbout and his team, the Act respecting the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec was passed. One year later, in March 1943, the establishment opened its doors. It was the very first state school in North America devoted to the professional teaching of music.

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