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Continuing Education Institute - IDEC

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One's education does not end with the awarding of a university degree. Furthermore, in a global competitive environment education throughout one's career is essential. Set up in 1993, the UPF-IDEC is Pompeu Fabra University's graduate centre designed to deliver this quality continuing education addressed to professionals and in close partnership with the world of business. The UPF-IDEC is committed to highly-specialised education in a multidisciplinary, innovative and creative academic environment through a range of masters and postgraduate programmes fully tailored to the educational needs of the professional world under the premise of quality and academic excellence. After two decades at Pompeu Fabra University, the UPF-IDEC is now a national and international benchmark in prestigious, high-level continuing education in the world of academia. The UPF-IDEC has a cosmopolitan spirit, with participants from over 50 countries and a teaching staff drawn from the extensive network that the Pompeu Fabra University has always promoted. Much of the UPF-IDEC's activity abroad takes place in Latin America and the Mediterranean, where it has woven a solid network of partnerships and agreements with the leading institutions and companies in these regions.

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