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Corvinus University of Budapest


1992-1999: The MBA program was started in cooperation with the London Business School (LBS) using financial support from the British Know-How Fund. Within this framework, LBS instructors transferred their courses to the Management Development Centre (MDC), a unit of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences (our predecessor institution). This part-time program later became known as the “bilingual MBA program” although, with the exception of some electives, courses were offered only in English. Additionally, in 1994 MDC started to offer an MBA program in Hungarian. Later, in addition to the general MBA, a specialization in Telecommunications was also offered in Hungarian. The Corvinus MBA Center (former Corvinus School of Management) is committed to providing high quality education for business leaders. Success means that upon graduation, participants will have the leadership knowledge and management skills necessary to successfully navigate the stormy waters of today’s business world. Participants will be taught how to apply the theories and skills gained to business challenges, ensuring that they not only understand business theory, but that they also know how to effectively implement the leaned managerial skills in the real world.

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