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The Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF) is based in Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain.

There are many reasons as to why this beautiful city attracts visitors (and students) every year; from the city’s cultural heritage and cuisine to its climate.

Students won’t struggle to get around with excellent transport links, allowing visitors to explore the city districts, as well as neighboring towns and villages – some of which are UNESCO world heritage sites might we add.

The pull of Madrid doesn’t end there, with various parks, music venues, museums and city square bursting with life. It makes sense why they call Madrid the city that never sleeps with all the activities to do and places to discover.

Although there are as many different "Madrids" as there are experiences and visitors, we would like to share a few unmissable spots with you. We will mark them on your map - it's down to you to fill them with memories as you pursue your interests.

The university has many strengths, but there are four that really stand out:

1.    CUNEF is the university of Spanish Banking:
CUNEF was founded over 45 years ago as a Higher Education Centre affiliated to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and owned by the Spanish Banking Association Foundation (Fundación AEB), set up by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) to further the development of activities at its center

2.    Over 10.000 former CUNEF students work in the main Spanish and International companies that lead their particular sectors:
More than 10,000 former students endorse CUNEF’s work and many hold senior-level positions in the banking sector, auditing companies, technology companies, the government, the main IBEX35 businesses and multinationals, and they represent one of the top assets that have emerged during CUNEF’s academic and institutional history

3.    CUNEF has over 750 agreements with Spanish and international companies

4.    CUNEF maintains a strong international focus to provide Spanish and international students with professional and personal training, giving them the confidence to take on professional challenges in an increasingly global world.

CUNEF has over 70 agreements in place with leading international universities, allowing degree and postgraduate students to spend part of their studies abroad. The university also welcomes international students to campus under these agreements, helping them to integrate through educational models that provide an insight into other cultures courtesy of students and lecturers.
Programs at the school are taught in both Spanish and English.

To find out a little more about the programs available, please check out CUNEF’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook page, and official website.

CUNEF is situated on one campus. The campus has five buildings, fully refurbished, accessible and set amid natural surroundings – sprawling across more than 18.000 m2. CUNEF is equipped with the latest teaching technology in lecture rooms, and an ecosystem where pedagogy, technology and environment foster active learning.

There are a number of amenities to enhance students at CUNEF, including:

  • The Library contains some 13,000 titles and 50 subscriptions to the leading journals. The press archive features the main national, international and financial newspapers.
  • The CUNEF Sports Department organizes and promotes student sporting activities as a way of enhancing the school's values through competitions with other educational institutions.
  • Through the International Student Association, students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities available at CUNEF, to enrich their international experience. The International Erasmus Club welcomes students to share and take part in a range of activities.
  • The Careers Office offers and organizes seminars and supplementary activities to provide students with professional tools and skills and offer them the greatest possible opportunities to find their first job. Each year the Careers Office organizes a series of events, such as the Employment Forum, presentation talks by leading companies, and "on campus" selection processes. 
  • CUNEF offers students psychological guidance to help them to overcome personal challenges. This is a free service for CUNEF students.

During the current academic year, CUNEF welcome more than 80 international students of 23 different nationalities.

International students who choose to study at CUNEF have access to the Buddy Program whereby they are assisted by a Spanish student to help them find their feet at CUNEF and Madrid. The buddies will help them settle in over the first few days or at any other time during their time on campus.

CUNEF provides off-campus accommodation services in partnership with a number of companies to help students find accommodation in Madrid. Students can choose from the likes of family homes, shared flats and student residences.

It’s important to understand the admissions process before accepting a place at university. CUNEF’s admissions criteria entails:

1.    Students must submit their admissions application via the CUNEF website
2.    They have to enclose the following documentation with this admissions application:
•    CVB
•    Copy of ID card or passport
•    Sworn copy of the student's university academic transcript stating official duration in academic years, curriculum, subjects studied, and grades obtained
3.    Select a date to perform the admissions process which can be in-person or remotely, depending on personal circumstances. The admissions test comprises of a written test and a personal interview
4.    Selected candidates will need to pay the Place Reservation fee of €1,800 (US$1,995) by bank transfer within a maximum of 10 calendar days of admission.

There are a number of scholarships available to both national and international students. Some of them include:
•    Banco Santander-CUNEF Funding Excellence Program: Banco Santander offers CUNEF students a special line of credit plus the possibility of working at Banco Santander once they have graduated
•    CUNEF and FAEB (Spanish Banking Association Foundation) scholarship program: CUNEF, with support from FAEB, runs a scholarship and bursary program aimed at postgraduate students to reward and incentivize academic excellence

CUNEF has a great return when it comes to students landing jobs following graduation. The university says over 85 percent of students are successfully employed within six to nine months of completing their master’s degree.

Following graduation, a large alumni network is important, and CUNEF boasts that over 10,000 former CUNEF students work in leading Spanish and International companies in the respective sectors.

Our more than 10,000 former students endorse our work and many hold senior-level positions in the banking sector and in auditing companies, technology companies, the government, the main IBEX35 businesses and multinationals, and they represent one of the top assets that have emerged during CUNEF’s academic and institutional history.

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