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Study a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin and open the door to a world of opportunity. You can tailor your degree to complement your interests and set yourself up to be flexible across the jobs of the future. Choose two or more areas of study from over 35 disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, communication and creative arts to build your future-focused degree. Middle East Studies provides a comprehensive understanding of the events and issues shaping one of the most politically complex and fascinating regions of the world. The core units pursue a variety of strategies to unpack the history and systems of the Middle East, leading students towards developing an improved comprehension of why situations such as the Syrian Civil War, the Israel-Palestine impasse and the War on Terror present the region and the wider world with so many challenges. Through exploring topic areas that include media representation, human rights and humanitarian intervention, as well as learning about specific states, the Middle East Studies major offers both depth and breadth in its coverage. Innovative assessment practices that include one of the world's largest political role-play simulations support the learning journey.

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Situated in Melbourne, Victoria, the Deakin Business School is in a prime location.

With public transport links, green parklands, sporting facilities and events it’s a great place to live.

A multicultural population means that Melbourne is vibrant and diverse with a variety of restaurants and eateries to enjoy too. There are art galleries, museums, internationally recognized sporting events, regular free community events throughout the city and surrounding areas and more.

There are a number of things The Deakin Business School is known for:

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