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The Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) allows you to enhance your understanding of a chosen discipline within environmental science, while building key research and transferable skills that enhance your employment options and prepare you for further study. Honours is an optional year of specialised study that allows you to combine the theory and practical skills gained throughout your undergraduate studies. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise in a discipline you’re passionate about, and to develop invaluable research and life skills that will stay with you throughout your entire career. The coursework component of the honours program equips you with essential knowledge in areas that underpin research – experimental design, quantitative analysis and scientific communication and ethics. The research project component enables you to develop the research skills necessary to investigate your area of interest.

About University

Situated in Melbourne, Victoria, the Deakin Business School is in a prime location.

With public transport links, green parklands, sporting facilities and events it’s a great place to live.

A multicultural population means that Melbourne is vibrant and diverse with a variety of restaurants and eateries to enjoy too. There are art galleries, museums, internationally recognized sporting events, regular free community events throughout the city and surrounding areas and more.

There are a number of things The Deakin Business School is known for:

  • Commitment to driving the digital frontier: to enable globally connected education for jobs of the future. 

  • Internationally recognized quality research and teaching

  • Focus on developing course curriculum to integrate knowledge with practical skills to give our students a competitive edge.

  • Progressive and Innovative teaching – designed to align with graduate learning outcomes and industry insight.

  • Graduate learning Outcomes

  • Online Learning- through Deakin Cloud Campus

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