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Duke Kunshan University

No. 8 Duke Avenue Kunshan, Jiangsu Kunshan,
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China (Mainland)

Undergraduate Overview

Begin your academic journey in Kunshan, China, and Durham, U.S.A.

Duke Kunshan University offers students a world-class education culminating in degrees from Duke University and Duke Kunshan. With students and faculty from around the world, Duke Kunshan offers a uniquely global academic experience. The undergraduate academic program spans two continents – in Kunshan, at a state-of-the-art campus; and one-semester at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Courses will be taught in English and will be primarily conducted in small-sized, discussion-based classes.

 In August 2018, Duke Kunshan welcomes the first students in its four-year bachelor’s degree program based in the liberal arts and science tradition. The undergraduate academic program currently offers 15 majors:

  • Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences/Math
  • Cultures and Movements (Tracks: Sociology and Cultural Anthropology)
  • Data Science
  • Environmental Science/Chemistry
  • Environmental Science/Public Policy
  • Ethics and Leadership (Tracks: Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  • Global China Studies/History
  • Global Cultural Studies/Literature
  • Global Health(Tracks: Biology and Public Policy)
  • Institutions and Governance/Economics
  • Material Science/Physics
  • Media and Arts (Tracks: Creative Practice and History)
  • Molecular Bioscience (Tracks: Cell and Molecular Biology, Biogeochemistry, Genetics and Genomics, Biophysics)
  • Political Economy (Tracks: Political Science and Economics)
  • US Studies (Tracks: History and Literature)

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