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École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs ESIGETEL

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ESIGETEL, a member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles is a young and innovative school that has built a reputation for itself by producing, as of today, more than 1,850 well-trained IT engineers. ESIGETEL graduates currently hold positions of high responsibility and expertise in a variety of fields in which information technology plays a central role. The unique ability of our program to turn future IT engineers into specialists is the product of both our program’s focus on the development of a solid technical foundation and, especially, the autonomy that students have in tailoring their studies toward their individual career goals. While the content of ESIGETEL’s program is above all scientific and technical, proper emphasis is given to the necessary human and social competencies that future IT engineers must have to begin and succeed in their future careers. Moreover, ESIGETEL makes it a point of principle to train highly competent IT engineers by accompanying its students through every step of the program. Thanks to the human scale of our school, we are able to work with each student on an individual and personal level. It is within this convivial and close-knit environment that students are given the privilege to create...

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