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COVID-19 Information:

In these difficult times of unexpected change, we want you to know that EIT Digital remains strongly committed to your education. We will keep supporting and investing in the next generation of European talent because we believe in the power that education has to shape our common future and we are committed, now more than ever, in doing our part.
To that end, the whole EIT Digital team is actively working to ensure that programs keep running according to schedule and that submission deadlines as well as acceptance timelines remain unaffected.
We are currently accepting new applications for the next academic year so please make sure you get all your materials submitted on time. The deadline remains the 17th of April 2020.

For more information, please check the Admissions tab

Thanks to its unique format, the EIT Digital Master School offers a truly European experience. During the two-year programme, students enrol at universities in two different countries, leading to two Master of Science degrees as well as the EIT-labelled certificate. They also participate in a three-day business challenge, a two-week summer school and undertake a work placement, all of which can take place in different locations across Europe.

The EIT Digital Master School

Combine Technical Programmes with Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The EIT Digital Master School offers a two-year education in which you can choose two universities in two different European countries, building a curriculum of your choice based on your skills and interests. We offer double degrees which combine technical competence with skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 18 universities around Europe join forces to offer a great variety of programmes.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Besides fundamental knowledge on up to date ICT topics, you learn how to drive your innovations to the market. A basic course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Summer Schools and the Business Development Labs Course are the vital parts of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship module.

Double Degrees and the EIT Digital Certificate

Students that complete the EIT Digital Master School will receive a double degree from both universities in their individual study plan. They also earn our EIT Digital certificate, documenting the specific EIT Digital learning outcomes.

Network of Universities

Turn your studies into your dream education! Build your dream combination of programmes and universities. You can pick your entry or home university (1st year) and your exit university (2nd year) out of the top technical universities in Europe.

Co-Location Centres around Europe

EIT Digital's Co-location Centres are located in Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. In Co-Location Centres you, researchers, and business partners come together to share and create ideas. The Co-Location Centre is the place for you to network both locally and across Europe.


You do not only study at two different universities in two different European countries but also travel to kick-off events and summer schools to meet other students, business partners and professionals. Learning about cultural and language differences helps you on your route to become an expert in your technical field and to succeed as a manager in global markets.

European Top Researchers

Renowned European research facilities are partnered with EIT Digital to provide assistance to you throughout the education. We are providing the best possible resources for you to succeed.

COVID-19 Information:

  •  What is the status of planned campus admission open days/tours?

The EIT Digital and the universities continue to work online. Applicants can turn to the MasterSchool at [email protected] as before. 

  •  How can applicants contact the university about their application?

The applicants are in touch with the MasterSchool directly. EIT Digital MasterSchool the university admission offices, personnel are in operation.

  • How is the university handling applicants whose exams have been cancelled?

Higher education switched to on-line education, there is no information about cancelling exams.

  • What advice is the university offering to applicants unable to take an English-language test due to centers being closed?

We are informing applicants about dates eg.: via e-mail, newsletter. 

  • How is the university supporting applicants whose visa applications have been delayed?

We are not experiencing delayed visas now.

  • Is the university still accepting applications? Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants?

We accept applications for 2020/2021 academic year.

  • How are applications for university accommodation being handled?

We accept applications for 2020/2021 academic year. 

  • Is the university making any changes to entry requirements (i.e. test results, required documents)?

No changes are planned in this matter.

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