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ENSIETA École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs

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ENSTA Bretagne is a French national graduate engineering institute which offers three year engineering programmes to both civilian and military students. The courses are of high quality and are designed to ensure that students have an excellent level of expertise in their chosen field of Engineering. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are able to design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems. The programmes offered at ENSTA Bretagne are wide and varied, encompassing different aspects of science, technology and human resource management. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are therefore sufficiently equipped to choose a career either as a design, research, development or trials Engineer or alternatively as a Project Manager in many different fields such as electronics, computer sciences, telecommunications, automotive engineering, naval construction, offshore engineering, land-based vehicles, mechanical engineering, structural calculations, energetic materials and underwater detection systems. Every year approximately 200 newly graduated Engineers enter the workplace and join the 4 000 ENSTA Bretagne Alumni already active in industry. At the beginning of 2013, a survey of the last graduating classes showed that 96% of the graduation class of 2012 were in employment and that 60% of ENSTA Bretagne graduates had found a job before completing their studies.

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