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Freie Universität Berlin, EMBM Executive Master of Business Marketing

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The Department of Business and Economics has a strong tradition for high-quality research and teaching within the fields of economics and business. This is demonstrated through numerous publications in leading international journals, as well as through the education of highly valued candidates at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. The research and teaching activities at the department are organised within five groups: Microeconomics, International Trade and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Accounting, Finance, and Management Science. Read more about the five groups here. Furthermore, the department includes a unit for research-based analyses, which offers research-based consultancy support to private and public businesses and organisations. The research covers both theoretical and empirical subjects, but the use of economic theory and quantitative methods, such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics and computer science, characterises most research projects. The department has three cross-disciplinary focus areas: Accounting and Finance, Economic Development under the program HEDG, and health economics. The latter is organised in the Centre of Health Economics Research (COHERE) – which comprises researchers from both the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

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