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Fujita Health University

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  Fujita Health University is a medicaluniversity that has sought to educate “good health care providers” with a focuson team medical care ever since its foundation under the basic principle of“Our Creativity for the People.”  With excellent faculties, top-shelffacilities and three educational hospitals where training and internshipopportunities are available, the university educates medical personnel from awide range of specializations including doctors, clinical technologists,nurses, public health nurses, radiological technologists, physiotherapists,occupational therapists, clinical engineers, and health information managers.

  At Fujita Health University Hospital, whosemotto is “patient-centered medical care,” students can take courses to be ableto provide a broad range of medical services and acquire qualificationsessential for health care providers to be able to see things from the patient’sstandpoint and remain close to the patients in spirit.

  Furthermore, the university aims at thedevelopment of unique medical science and clinical research centered mainly onthe Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, as we believe that highquality medical research provides the basis for high quality medical education,and there is no other private medical university in the nation that has so manyfull-time researchers working on advanced research.

 The university is currently implementingthe “Renewal of the Campus” and “Realization of Fujita Vision 2025” as part ofits 50th anniversary celebration events. With the goal of being recognized as one ofthe top universities in Japan, we are not only pushing forward with activitiesin the areas of education, research and clinical practice, but also making acontribution to the local society and showing a commitment to the internationalcommunity.

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