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In 1875, Hitotsubashi University was founded in Kunitachi, the suburbs of Tokyo. Hitotsubashi is recognized as one of the leading academic institutions in the world through quality education and research. The University specializes in the social sciences and humanities, subsuming fields such as management, finance, economics, law, and international relations. The University is composed of four faculties, i.e., Faculties of Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, and Social Sciences, and seven graduate schools, i.e., Graduate Schools of Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, Language and Society, International Corporate Strategy, and Hitotsubashi School of International and Public Policy. Additionally, Hitotsubashi University School of Law was established in 2004. Drawing on the University's history and accomplishments, Hitotsubashi has promoted the study of leading-edge social science research expected to be in demand in the 21st century. As an education and research center of worldwide focus, Hitotsubashi aims to provide theoretical and practical solutions to important issues shared by Japan, Asia, and other countries. In order to realize these aims, Hitotsubashi is pursuing three missions: 1) Exploring and creating new areas within the social sciences, 2) Making intellectually and practical contributions to Japan and abroad, and 3) Nurturing intellectually advanced individuals, innovators, and political


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