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The Global Master in Business Analytics and Big Data aims to prepare students for future leadership roles in the data science industry and to tackle the toughest challenges of data-driven era. Students will master data science tools, business transformation, and big data technologies to use data to drive positive change in any company and any industry. The program moulds the future data scientists ready to face the challenge of extracting relevant insights from data by using advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies to drive decision making processes. They are professionals who are specialized in identifying, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and transforming data. The program is divided into three terms and covers four Key Areas of Learning, allowing for a dynamic and integrated learning experience. 

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IE School of Human Sciences and Technology offers post-graduate and executive-education programs in fields including big data, information management systems, marketing, communications, psychology, and leadership.
The mission of IE School of Human Sciences and Technology is to educate and develop the next generation of change-makers, equipping them to manage the challenges faced by companies, governments, and societies now and in the future. This is achieved through new approaches to thinking and innovation, based on the science of human behavior and driven by communication and the ability to fully leverage technology and information.
Grounded in the science of human behavior, powered by communication, and enabled by data and technology, graduates of the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology are able to excel at jobs that require constructive innovation.

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