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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)


Brief History It was James Thomason, Lt. Governor, North Western Province who proposed the establishment of a College of Civil Engineering at Roorkee to train engineering personnel at various levels for public works of the country particularly for the construction work of Ganga Canal which started in 1842. The aqueduct for the proposed Ganga Canal, which was a challenging piece of work, was situated at Roorkee. Thus, the Roorkee College was started in 1847 when the concept of a college to train civil engineers as against military engineers was not entertained even in England. After the death of James Thomason in 1853, the College was very deservedly named as Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854. It was elevated to the First Technical University of India in 1949. The glorious traditions of University of Roorkee were brought under the umbrella of the Indian Institute of Technology system by conversion of this great institution as Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee on 21st September 2001. Dates in chronological order may be summarized as follows : Year of EstablishmentName of the Institute 1847Roorkee College 1854Thomason College of Civil Engineering 1949University of Roorkee 2001 (Sept. 21)Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee The institute offers B.Tech./B.Arch....

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