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With more than 15 000 students, close to 45 000 alumni, and a 140 million euros budget, INSEEC U. (founded in 1975) is one of the leaders in higher education institutions in France. Boasting a strong network of French and International partners (universities and companies), they proudly form tomorrow’s world economic leaders. INSEEC U.’s Research Center, directed by Professor Jean-Louis Chandon, highlights and promotes the work carried out by more than 70 research professors in the different academic units of the group. Based in four French cities (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambery) and abroad (Monaco, London, Geneva, Shanghai and San Francisco), the group associates the advantages of a friendly environment with all the exciting possibilities big cities have to offer. Groupe INSEEC, a forerunner in the field, has successfully risen to the challenge of what has now become a worldwide market in higher education. Today we are approaching the end of an era: one in which the economy is based on the indiscriminate exploitation of naturel resources, where company organization is pyramidal, and in which sales oriented management reigns. This third industrial revolution is progressively changing the very way we live, play and work.

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