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Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Ciudad de Mexico (CCM) is located in the Tlalpan borough of Mexico City near the intersection of Periferico Sur and Calzada México-Xochimilco. It is physically small, densely packed campus that is divided into two parts. In one are the academic and administrative facilities, and in the other are the sports facilities. The design of its buildings reflect the various architectural styles that exist in Mexico City from the 17th to the 20th centuries., and is designed to reflect the historic center of this city.

The campus offers programs and degrees from the high school/preparatory level to the doctorate level. Most university and graduate school programs focus on the sciences and technology, with a number of business and legal programs. The campus also sponsors research programs in the applied sciences as well as recreational and counseling programs for its students. The campus was founded in 1973 and was originally located in downtown Mexico City. When the campus had grown sufficiently, land in the southern part of the city was purchased and a new campus built there in 1990. Since then the campus has grown with new programs and new installations.

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