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International Ataturk Alatoo University

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The International Atatürk Alatoo University was established in 1996. In the fall of 1997, the university opened its doors to students. Vision: To be the center of updated information and cultural exchange with understanding of international characteristics, with the current geography among the other countries. To adapt the region’s current and future technical and social needs on under-graduate and post-graduate level as a duty, taking into account the current education and training programs and hardware for staff. To pay attention on cooperation with scientific studies as well as other institution and organizations, to make projects and conduct research. To be privileged university at the level of national and international higher education with dynamic and respected personality, scientific and technical infrastructure and social and cultural richness. Mission: International Ataturk-Alatoo University is using modern and contemporary education, research-development-production techniques and methods, by taking steps on behalf of supplying access to information, human, scientific, technologic, economic, social and cultural need by taking steps on behalf of, at peace with itself, aims to educate individuals of international society and develop relationships based on tolerance and dialogue.

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