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International Christian University


ICU is a liberal arts college. The distinctive character of its liberal arts education is that it emphasizes opening students’ outlook and respects their freedom to choose their own coursework while at the same time demanding that their studies be both broadly integrated and deeply penetrating. This education opens students’ eyes to connections that exist beyond academic divisions and cultivates a 21st century mindset necessary to meet 21st century challenges. The College of Liberal Arts has policies in three general areas: diploma, curriculum and admission.

At ICU, students do not choose their field of specialization when they enter the university. Instead, to allow them to discover the subject they really want to study, students develop a solid grounding in a wide variety of subjects during their first and second years, narrowing down their field of interest before choosing one or two subjects from 31 majors at the end of their second year.

Reflecting the institutional internationalism of ICU, both Japanese and English are used on campus so students are required to be proficient in both languages. For this purpose, degree-seeking students must complete either the Japanese or the English language program. As a culmination of their studies, all fourth-year students write a senior thesis on a topic of their choosing.

A bachelor of arts degree is granted to those who enroll for four years in the College of Liberal Arts, obtain competence in both English and Japanese, complete the required credits in general education and in their area of concentration, and submit a senior thesis.

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