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International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

Shayhontohur dc, Abdulla Qadiriy 11 Tashkent,
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Postgraduate Overview

General Information

The training of highly qualified specialists who speak foreign languages and meet modern requirements is one of the main tasks of the Academy. For this purpose, IIAU provides specialists in  16 master’s degree programs.

Master’s Programmes:

History of Islam

Religious studies

Psychology (Psychology of Religion)

History (Islamic Civilization)

International Relations and Modern Political Processes

Islamic economy and finance

Tourism (Organization and Management of  Ziyarat Tourism)

Classical Philology (Classical Oriental Literature and Source Studies)

Islamic Law

Aqeedah, Kalam knowledge and theological doctrines

Qur’anic Studies

Hadith studies 

History and source study of Islam

Historiography, source study and methods of historical research (Central Asian countries)

Economy of foreign countries and country studies (by countries and regions)

Foreign Economic Activity (Investment Activity) 

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