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IPE Business School


Postgraduate Overview

Affiliated with IPE, the post-graduate institution IPE Business School offers masters in the economic-financial field.

The b-school boasts a strong network which includes hands-on faculty, researches from around 15 Italian and foreign universities, over 280 companies including Banks, Intermediaries, Consulting Companies, Industry, etc. who collaborate in training activities with teaching, testimonies, project work.

Companies involved support the design phase of the numerous masters programs, which ensures constant connection and updating of the University-Enterprise.
The Job Placement service at IPE Business School available for IPE Masters students helps them to acquire useful skills for the world of work.

Studying a masters degree at IPE Business School ensures students access to: a network made up of over 280 Banks, Strategic Consulting Companies, leading companies in the market; collaborations with 15 universities throughout the country; low participation costs thanks to the 48 Business Partners who provide scholarships to support master programs.

Masters at the b-school include: Masters in Marketing+ (digital, retail, and sales), Masters in Advanced Finance Quantitative Methods and Risk Management; Masters in Budget Accounting Review and Management Control; Masters in Shipping Logistics and International Management; Masters in HR & Social Recruiting Talent Development and Management.

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