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South Korea


KAIST is a world-class research university that nurtures the dreams of students with a creative and innovative spirit for science. Since its foundation in 1971, KAIST has produced a number of talented scientists and engineers, as well as global leaders, in Korean industry through research-oriented education. KAIST is the origin of Korea?s cutting-edge science and technology. It operates under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) which financially sustains it while allowing operational flexibility. KAIST is located in Daejeon within Daedeok Science Town which is home to more than 60 government- supported and private research institutes, universities, and venture businesses. Almost 12,000 scientists and engineers reside in the area, among them are top-notch scientists from Korea and abroad. As part of the Daedeok Science Town community, KAIST maintains collaborative relationships with the nearby industries that have extensive R&D programs, providing a fertile research environment for KAIST students and faculty. KAIST attracts top-notch students from home and abroad and educates them to be professionals equipped with fundamental knowledge and practical skills. KAIST faculty members hold exceptionally distinguished records of research achievements.

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