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Kazakh State Women`s Teacher Training University

Kazakh State Women's Teacher Training l Institute and the female school teacher named after M. Mametova were organized in April 1944 at a meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party in accordance with the Decision of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR ?457 On the preparation of qualified teaching staff from among Kazakh women's youth. A plan was admission to the Institute of 90 people (30 people at each faculty). Council of commissioners of Kazakh SSR also requests that the Department of Education and awareness about the organization of a 2-year teacher training courses at the institute for 60 students and their full contents (food, clothing, education and other. costs) by the state. Also, for placing the institute was allocated a house ?119 on Gogol Street, a dormitory - the house ?86 on Forest Street. Trest Alma - Ata Stroy charged with ensuring education institution all necessary facilities, the State Planning Commission - to provide bedding for 300 people. Organizations Institute warmly welcomed the glorious sons of the Fatherland Kanysh Satpayev, Mukhtar Auezov, Sabit Mukanov, Gabit Musrepov, Ilyas Omarov and others. On three faculties and nine departments of the institute in the first...
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