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With the mission to be the center of excellence providing top-notch education, Koç Graduate School of Business is proud to raise the leaders for the 21st century. Koç University graduates are trained to be global leaders who are able to align people with the organizations mission and shared values in order to sustain excellent results for an extended period of time. They make decisions to create value for their organizations and for the society. With an array of different programs based on the work experience and the need of our students, we are committed to cultivate Turkey’s most competent graduates. We design our programs to blend academia with bussines application in order to prepare individuals for real life situations where they have to face challenges in an upheaval under extreme uncertainty and dynamic environment with the awareness of the needs of the shareholders,customers and the society. We continiously question and improve our curriculum apt to the dynamisim of the global world keeping in mind the potential gap between theory development and management practise.
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