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"KROK" University

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Undergraduate Overview

Programs in English at Bachelor's level:

- Export Oriented Business (Austrian-Unrainian Double Degree prorgam). Language of instruction - 70% English, 30% - Russian/Ukrainian. Program is accredited by Austrian Accredetation Committee in 2018.

- International Economic Relations. Language of instruction - 70% English, 30% - Russian/Ukrainian.

- Management. Language of instruction - 100 % English.

- Tourism and Hospitality Management (Double Degree Program with Hungarian University). Language of instruction - 100 % English.

Double Degree Bachelor Program in Tourism and Hospitality is implemented jointly by «KROK» University (Ukraine) and Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences (Hungary). The program is accredited by Hungarian Accreditation Committee. The program aims at training students according to EU standards with the further awarding of two qualifications: Manager in Tourism (Ukrainian degree) and Economist in Tourism and Hospitality, specialization: Hotel Management (Hungarian degree).

What makes this course unique?

Obtaining of two diplomas (Ukrainian and European); - Internship in Hungary; - Participation in Erasmus+ credit mobility programs; - Possibility to participate in mobility programs of Hungarian University; - Language proficiency in English and Russian; - Training, based on European teaching methods; - 2 weeks training session in Hungary in VI semester of study.

Programs in Russian:

- International Economic Relations.

"KROK" University offers also 23 programs in Ukrainian, as well as Preparatory Course in Russian/Ukrainian/English/German for International Students.

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