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K.Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University

A.Moldagulova Prospect, 34 Aktobe,
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Undergraduate Overview

There are nine faculties at the university offering bachelor’s degree programs.     

Undergraduate programs usually entail: Entry requirements for an undergraduate program include:

  • Bachelors degree study for 4 years
  • Pass the UNT and pass the necessary documents
  • The average tuition fee for foreign students ranges from 343,000 to 636,000 tenge, depending on the chosen educational program
  • Only Kazakh nationals can earn a grant or scholarship for programs.

The required documents for hopeful students are:

  • Statement
  • Original of education documents + notarized translation in the state or Russian language
  • A copy of the license of the educational institution where they studied
  • 6 3x4 photo cards
  • Medical certificate on form 086-U
  • A copy of your ID

Deadlines for submitting documents:

  •  From May 10 to June 5 to participate in the UNT
  • From June 20 to August 20 for paid training

Programs available

Undergraduate - Faculties/Departments and Programs

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