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Postgraduate Overview

The Léonard de Vinci Group runs five competitive courses at postgraduate level to prepare graduates for a variety of professions and industries.
The institution’s MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy is a full-time twelve months course, designed to provide students with the tools to work and study in the digital marketing sector. You will have a chance to learn about a variety of areas within marketing tech, such as data mining for e-commerce, multi-channel communications, gamification and mobile marketing.

The MSc International Business is a full-time twelve months programme that combines an academic and practical approach to gaining competences needed to be a player in the international business environment.

The MSc Innovation Management & Strategy is a full-time twelve months course, designed for students wishing to participate in the management of organisations and to have control over innovation challenges.

The MSc Digital Business Analytics is a full-time twelve months course, designed to provide students with competences and the know-how to thrive in dynamic business environments.

The Master’s Programme in Business and Management provides all the De Vinci students (managers, engineers and designers) with initial training in business based on pedagogy fostering hybridation, multiculturalism and cross-disciplinary research.

The Master’s Programme in Engineering trains engineers with strong scientific and technical bases and a real professional experience, who are opened to the world and prepared to the challenges of tomorrow’s industry.
Entry is possible in the Master's Programme any time between the 1st to 4th year.

Fees and admission requirements:

The MBA programmes has a tuition fee of €10,500 for all students.

  • Applicants for the MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy must have 120 American credits, or 240 ECTS credits. However, applicants with 90 American credits or 180 ECTS credits and 3 years of professional experience can be candidates for the MBA. They must also have an IELTS 6.0.
    The MSc in International Business, MSc Innovation Management & Strategy and MSc Digital Business Analytics have tuition fees of €9,500.
  • Applicants must have an International Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS or equivalent).
    The Master Programme in Business & Managment has a tuition fee of €8,900
    The Master Programme in Engineering has a tuition fee of €8,500:

  • All postgraduate courses require students to complete a six month internship as part of the curriculum with a company of their choice in France or internationally.

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