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Leonard De Vinci Group

12 avenue léonard de vinci Paris-La Défense,
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Undergraduate Overview

The Léonard de Vinci Group 5-year programme with an English track starting in year 1 is a full-time programme taught in English, with possible entry from year 1 to 4.

The 5-year degree is approved by the state on the condition that the school satisfies certain academic requirements with regard to the curriculum, teaching methods, conditions in which students are admitted and the way in which the degree is awarded. The 5-year degree is recognized as equivalent to other university degrees, in France and elsewhere, due to the university-wide adoption of the ECTS system.

The first three-year cycle enables students to learn the fundamentals of management and to define their personal and professional goals. The program is designed to provide a common skill base through a series of compulsory classes.
Fundamentals of Management: Economy, Marketing and Sales, Accounting and Finance, Law and Management, Human Resources. 
Communication tools: Two foreign languages, one of which is English, Oral and written communication. Personal Development:Culture and the arts, Understanding the contemporary world, Solidarity mission (one month), Sports / Student associations.
The 5-Year programme's tuition fees are €8900 per year.

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