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Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

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STUDYING PUBLIC HEALTH: THE CHALLANGE The Faculty of Health Sciences and its School of Public Health emphasise leadership and expertise in the fields of Public Health Research, Education, and Service. The programme’s aim is to deliver graduates who are able to effectively apply relevant theoretical models and concepts to Public Health issues and, vice versa, to reflect upon theoretical developments on the basis of practical experience in the field. This is an academic as well as a practice-oriented endeavour. It requires Public Health professionals to act as linking-pins between theory and practice, politics and people, and science and everyday life. The programme concerns itself, in other words, with developing the critical-analytical skills that enable graduates to successfully play the role of leaders, policy-makers and agents of change in any Public Health related field, throughout the world. The school endorses the WHO adage that states that Public Health activities should involve “...the process of enabling individuals, groups and communities, to increase control over the determinants of their health and thereby improve their health.”THE PROGRAMME (all units are also available as short courses)The MPH programme is based on the assumption that a profound understanding of the multi-layered and multi-disciplinary nature of Public


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