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During the first 6 years as the National University Corporation, the philosophy of Mie University is "From Mie to the World: the creation of a unique educational environment and a research program based on the local region toward the world. - In Harmony and Symbiosis of Nature and Human -". A concrete schedule for international exchange has been decided in order to implement this strategy. But our management budget will probably be reduced after turning into the National University Corporation and therefore international exchange activities might suffer from financial restrictions. As a consequence, international exchange projects, following our university principle: "the severe selection and concentration", should be carried out for their effective development. In order to reorganize our international exchange activity support system, the "Office of International Exchange" and the "Center for International Students" are planning to be merged into the new "Center for International Studies" in the near future. Concerning the focusing of our international exchange activities, continuous examination should be needed also in future. At present, we are thinking of three points. First is the contribution to "harmony and symbiosis of nature and human" mainly on Asia, symbolized for the activity of the "Tri-University International Joint Seminar 仌...

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