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Moscow State Mining University


Moscow State Mining University is one of the oldest and leading technical universities in Moscow. A long tradition of education, passed down from generation to generation, the teaching staff of the university, these days combined with the latest technology and the latest achievements of science.

Now MSMU prepares mining engineers of the highest level. However, in our time in Moscow Mining has other, not narrow mining degrees. It is a faculty of automation, robotics and computer science, several departments preparing economists. Strong positions in the mining industry were achieved thanks to advanced computers technology, constantly improving technology of mining and processing of mineral resources.

MSMU consists of 5 main faculties(schools) and 39 departments. 22 scientific degrees are on offer. The University has excellent experienced teaching staff. Today 840 teachers works full-time at the University.

MSMU is well equipped to train true professionals to meet high demands of the modern post-industrial society. MSMU faculty are always there for students. Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees are taught.

MSMU is not just a college to prepare mining professionals. Studying at MSMU is a right choice for anyone who understands solid education lays at the foundation for his future successful career and success.


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