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Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Sciences (MGUPI)



Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Sciences (MGUPI) is one of the Russian leaders in instrument engineering, information-and-measuring management systems, information technologies, robotics and mechatronics. The dedicated work of university staff on improving curricula and learning process, enhancing facilities, expanding research has helped to create a modern innovative research hub for many engineers, programmers, professors, honored workers of science of the Russian Federation, laureates of State Awards in Sciences, fellow members of Russian and international academies. The University, its branches and subsidiaries prepare specialists, masters, bachelors, candidates and PhDs; MGUPI offers a wide range of full-time, part-time, extramural and distance-learning courses alongside with various advanced training and retraining programs. The University implements the principle of lifelong education; there is a department of pre university preparation, a free school of physics and mathematics for senior high school students, a department of vocational secondary education, a department of postgraduate vocational studies, and professional retraining.

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