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Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) offers robust graduate-entry medical education that is positioned to meet the changing medical landscape and the future healthcare needs of Singapore. Our programmes include the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, PhD in Integrated Biology and Medicine (IBM) degree, and PhD in Quantitative Biology and Medicine degree.

Through the MD programme, Duke-NUS prepares doctors who embody the School’s education mission of “Clinicians First, Clinicians Plus”, well equipped to practice in the complex world of medicine, as well as play increasingly critical roles in translating meaningful scientific discoveries into quality innovations in patient care. To this end, the curriculum is designed for students to acquire and improve upon the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of any medical practitioner: professionalism and ethics, medical knowledge, communication skills, and clinical experience. Complementing these are skills necessary to improve medical practice, such as research, teamwork, leadership, and creative and critical thinking skills.

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