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NKUHT, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) was found in 1995 in Kaohsiung city and focuses on educating the elites in the hospitality and tourism industry Taiwan with global viewpoint. For over ten years, NKUHT has been consistently endeavoring to pursue excellence in teaching and vocational research. It provides the curriculums for associate bachelor degree, bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree. In addition to the training of culinary, hospitality service and tourism techniques, NKUHT emphasizes the programs to be integrated with internship, skill competition champion as well as prestige chef demonstration, and further hopes to become a new paradigm of institute in hospitality education.

Curriculum design emphasizes practice-oriented. The “practical-oriented” instruction refers to a one-year internship in local and overseas establishments, which provides junior students a real-life work experience in hospitality and tourism industry. Every year, approximately 250 students go aboard for internship worldwide.

The academic units are as follows: 

1) School of Hospitality Management
 Graduate Institute of Hospitality
 Department of Hotel Management
 Department of Food and Beverage Management
 Dept. of Hospitality and M.I.C.E. Marketing Management

2) School of Tourism
 Graduate Graduate Institute of Tourism Management
 Department of Travel Management
 Department of Airline and Transport Service Management
 Department of Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Management

3) School of Culinary Arts

 Graduate Institute of Food Culture and Innovation
 Department of Chinese Culinary Arts
 Department of Western Culinary Arts
 Department of Baking Technology and Management
 Department of Culinary Arts

4) International School

 Department of Applied English
 Department of Applied Japanese
 International Bachelor Program in Tourism Management
 International Bachelor Program in Chinese Culinary Arts

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) is an independent and self-governing institution, consisting of three schools, one college, and one permanent committee. To meet its development needs, upgrade its technology, and/or make further contributions to the theory of hospitality, NKUHT is permitted to alter its own statutes at will under the provisions of the University Act, and report to Ministry of Education for future reference.


NKUHT appoints one president, who is responsible for the overall management of the university and its academic development, and who represents NKUHT externally. This post has been held by Professor Pearl Lin since 1st April 2016. The number, tenure, and qualifications of the Vice Presidents appointed by the President is stipulated in NKUHT’s Organizational Regulations. Currently, there are three Vice Presidents, responsible for assisting the President with administrative, academic, and industrial affairs, respectively.


NKUHT’s divisional/departmental administrative organization mirrors its academic arrangements. Administratively, all departments are within one of its five academic divisions:

a)      School of Hospitality Management

b)      School of Tourism

c)      School of Culinary Arts

d)      International College

e)      Committee for General Education.


The college, the schools, and the committee each appoint a dean responsible for their own overall management; and each department is led by a director responsible for handling the affairs of the department. The deans of the colleges are also the chair of the College Affairs Meetings, the Teacher Evaluation Committees and the Curriculum Committees. The directors of each department are the apparent members of the committees. They hold regular meetings to discuss and resolve various academic affairs to promote the operation of the college's administration, teaching, and curriculum. In addition, the directors of each department are required to lead, manage and develop the department to ensure it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.


NKUHT’s Academic Affairs Office appoints a Dean of Academic Affairs, responsible for ensuring the service quality within the academic affairs unit through the appropriation and allocation of necessary resources, and through the establishment and coordination of policies and priorities. Additionally, there is Academic Vice President supervises the academic affairs, enrollment, and evaluation of academic units. And assisting the President with academic affairs and institutional research and development.


NKUHT’s core competence indicators are “professional attitude”, “professional qualifications”, “team spirit”, “international vision”, “professional foreign-language education” and “humanity literacy”. It aims to attract outstanding talent from every part of Taiwan to its high-class hospitality education, with the wider goal of internationalizing and globalizing of the country’s domestic student population.


NKUHT strives to make appropriate adjustments to the diversity of its teaching in response to the learning needs of its international students, who come from Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Ecuador, China, Thailand, France, Colombia, Swaziland, South Korea, Malaysia and many other countries; and Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian language classes are also offered. It is expected that every NKUHT graduate will shine in the international job market as a talented and professionally qualified person....

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